• For The Kids:

  • Fewer things speak more directly to children than portraying their favorite characters dead…

  • …or showing them that there are some things even their favorite superheros can’t fix…

  • …or both.

  • The Oil Spill In Memes:

    Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed shark never had a chance.

  • Nothing makes the world rage more than when a company like BP trolls it.

  • Logo Redesigns:

  • Greenpeace held a contest to re-purpose the BP logo to portray the company in a more accurate way. These three new logos are among the favorites.

  • IRL Campaigns:

    A BP on Houston Street in New York City gets an impromptu makeover.

  • BP pumps become a little more honest in a (theoretical) stickering prank campaign.

  • Across the country over the last few weekends, protesters have gotten creative with their anti-BP signs and banners.

  • Poignant Commentary:

    Seeing the hidden message in BP’s apologetic press releases.

  • Following the success of the BPGlobalPR twitter feed, proposed billboards featuring the fictional BP’s tweets began to appear online.

  • Of course, some messages are a little more somber…

  • …while some are a little more tongue-in-cheek.