27 Signs You’ve Found Yourself A Keeper

When you find something this good, don’t let go.

1. He writes you beautiful (fridge) poetry.

ID: 2432157

2. She’s always trying to keep things adventurous in the bedroom.

ID: 2432164

3. He’ll wait patiently for you to finish up your shopping.

ID: 2432147

4. She’ll wait patiently for you to finish up your shopping.

ID: 2432149

5. He can do the skeet skeet with icons.

ID: 2432380

6. She’ll happily pose for a Sears portrait with you. (And your cat.)

ID: 2432143

7. He’ll care for you when you’re vulnerable.

ID: 2432140

8. She’ll leave you heartfelt love notes.

ID: 2432142

9. He’ll will provide for you when you complain that your place doesn’t have enough natural light.

ID: 2432146

10. She still looks good in an accidental mustache.

ID: 2432151

11. He’ll buy you thoughtful gifts like this:

ID: 2432148

12. She looks beautiful all the time, even when she’s sleeping.

ID: 2432145

13. He knows exactly what to say when you’re feeling stressed.

ID: 2432156

14. She makes sure your birthday gift is fully charged when you open it.

ID: 2432153

15. He keeps all your important dates on a calendar.

ID: 2432160

16. She’ll let you use her unusually tacky back as a smartphone holder.

ID: 2432144

17. He’ll help you stay organized.

ID: 2432162

18. She’ll let you wear your activity tracker during sex.

ID: 2432152

19. He’ll always find new ways to surprise you.

ID: 2432173
ID: 2432185

20. She tries to make the time you spend together more exciting, even the most mundane moments like cleaning.

ID: 2432188

21. He’s always up for some intimate cuddling.

ID: 2432192

22. She keeps a bottle of “shower wine.”

ID: 2432167

23. He’ll get down on his knees of you. (To help you do dishes.)

ID: 2432141

24. She’s always surprising you with romantic gestures like breakfast in bed.

ID: 2432189

25. He’s not like other boyfriends.

ID: 2432191

26. And she’s not like other girlfriends.

ID: 2432190

27. And of course, the most obvious sign you’ve found a keeper…

ID: 2432194

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