26 Reasons Joey Tribbiani Is An Incredible Role Model

Want to live a simple, happy life? Look no further than Joey.

1. He has a healthy relationship with food.

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2. He knows what he wants from life.

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3. He’s proud of who he is.

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4. He knows when to say no.

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5. He doesn’t feel bad about who he is.

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6. He doesn’t let things get to him.

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7. He’s great at motivating others.

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8. He’s passionate.

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9. He’s not too showy.

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10. He speaks for everyone.

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11. He gets straight to the point.

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12. He believes in the power of love.

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13. He has a great sense of humor.

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14. He’s a problem solver.

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15. He’s smart with his finances.

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16. He’s an incredible conversationalist.

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17. He still appreciates having fun.

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18. He’s just a little bit vain.

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19. He’s good at reading people.

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20. He’s great at spotting opportunity when it comes along.

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21. He’s just a little bit self-conscious.

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22. He’s not afraid to take selfies.

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23. He knows how to take a compliment.

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24. He’s not afraid to embrace his sexuality.

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25. He’s got a healthy body image.

ID: 1088471

26. He’s not afraid to speak his mind.

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