7 Things To Know About Eva Chen, Lucky’s New EIC

Eva Chen was brought on by Anna Wintour to save a struggling Lucky Magazine. And it’s basically the best thing to ever happen to Condé Nast.

1. She is the first Asian American Editor-in-Chief of a Condé Nast publication.

Condé Nast / Via

But Eva’s no stranger to the Condé Nast Empire. She started her career as a beauty assistant at Elle, and later worked as an assistant at Lucky before joining Teen Vogue as the beauty and health director.

2. Anna Wintour handpicked Chen to help revamp Lucky as a consultant in April.

Wintour has been a fan of Chen’s since her Teen Vogue days, so she brought her on the team shortly after being named creative director of Condé Nast. Chen’s first big job as Lucky’s EIC: the September issue.

3. She started off on the pre-med track at Johns Hopkins, but switched her major to English her senior year.

Stylelist / Via

Chen originally wanted to go to med school, but after interning for Harper’s Bazaar the summer before her senior year, she found her calling in fashion. On her experience, to Teen Vogue Fashion University: “If you love something enough to spend a lot of time doing it in your free time it probably means that you can make it into a career. I’ve always loved beauty products, reading and writing, and I always loved magazines but I just never thought of it as a career option. I don’t think it matters what major you are. What matters more is developing strong communication, written, and verbal skills that will be advantageous to you in whatever career you decide to pursue.”

4. She is a social media maven.

Instagram / Via

With over 48,000 followers on Twitter and over 49,000 on Instagram, Chen is the Internet queen of the fashion crowd. She posts frequently about her personal beauty regime and what she’s wearing, making the rest of us feel infinitely inadequate in the face of fashion royalty.

5. She uses Tumblr to answer fan’s questions on beauty products, fashion, how to be fabulous, etc.

Chen uses Tumblr to interact directly with her followers. A recurring feature: Ask Eva, where users can submit questions ranging from drugstore beauty product recommendations to fashion career advice. She also uses Tumblr like any other fashion fiend to lust over canvas tote bags and gladiator sandals.

6. She rocks the multicolor hair trend.

Who What Wear / Via

And that top knot! Perfect.

7. And her manis are pretty great, too.

Instagram / Via

Like these Comme des Garçons-inspired nails. Too cool.

Basically, she’s awesome, and she’s going to do an amazing job at Lucky. Congrats, Eva!

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