20 Reasons To Be Obsessed With Iggy Azalea

I’m harboring a J-Law-level girl crush on Iggy, and you should too.

1. Because she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

ID: 1434437

2. Because those earrings probably weigh five pounds.

And she is pulling. them. off.

ID: 1434239

3. Because she’s a bit of a magpie.

But aren’t we all?

ID: 1434291

4. Because one time she wore an oxblood fur shrug to shimmy in front of a semi-truck.

I can’t even wrap my head around this ensemble. And if you haven’t seen the video for Work, WATCH. IT. NOW.

ID: 1434253

5. Because of the time she casually wore butterflies on her face.

Ya know, the ush.

ID: 1434270

6. Because she makes faces like this…

ID: 1434334

7. …and this…

ID: 1434425

8. …and this…

ID: 1434401

9. …and this…

ID: 1445860

10. …and this.

ID: 1445828

11. Because she’s highly GIF-able.

I’m sorry, what was I saying? I was staring at this GIF for like two hours.

ID: 1434313

12. Because this is how she rides in a car.

ID: 1434346


ID: 1434357

13. Because she can whip her hair back and forth.

ID: 1434380

14. Because she laughs in the face of practical footwear.

ID: 1434388

15. Because of her absurd taste in sunglasses.

ID: 1434399

16. Because of the time she took her jewelry cues from ’90s Versace.

Elizabeth Hurley who?

ID: 1445897

17. Because of this American Beauty reference.

ID: 1434428

18. Because she is the undisputed queen of hair extensions.

ID: 1434415

19. …and those hair extensions have rendered shirts unnecessary.

Who needs shirts, anyway?

ID: 1445849

20. And oh yeah, last but not least, because she’s CRAZY TALENTED.

Case in point: her video for Murda Business is Toddlers & Tiaras-themed. Please and thank you.

ID: 1446615


ID: 1445815

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