10 Dog Superheroes Who Are Here To Save Your Day

Tell me you aren’t having a better day after looking at these pups. I dare you.

1. Thor-gi!

ID: 950362

2. The Green Lab-tern!

ID: 950364

3. The Bark Knight Rises!

ID: 950408

4. Captain Ameri-dog!

ID: 950366

5. Bark Kent!

The glasses, amirite?!?

ID: 950384

6. Superdog: Husky With Adorably Giant Head And Tiny Hands Edition

Staring off into the distance, ready to spring into action and save all dog-manity…

ID: 950387

7. Superdog: Yellow Lab Imagining He’s Flying Edition

Look at that winning smile and strong jaw!

ID: 950378

8. Superdog: Just Too Darn Cute To Function Edition

Cute overload.

ID: 950397

9. Woof-der Woman and Bat-Dog [BONUS: Baby Superman!]

An unbeatable team indeed!

ID: 950405

10. Okay so Darth Pug-der isn’t technically a superhero, but can you blame me?

“Luuukkkkkeeee….I am your dogg-father.” …is mixing a Snoop Dogg metaphor in here too much…or just enough? I’m gonna go with just enough.

ID: 950367

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