The Second Tallest Building On Earth Has Officially Topped Out

Workers put the last beam on the 2,073ft. 125-story Shanghai Tower.

1. The Shanghai Tower rises high above a forest of skyscrapers

With a total of 121 stories, this self-contained city designed by Gensler is the tallest structure in China and the second tallest tower in the world.

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2. Nine buildings tall

The tower is designed as nine buildings stacked one on top of the other. Between each stack are open-air gardens, that give visitors the feeling of being outside.

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3. Shanghai Tower will be one of the most sustainable and advanced towers in the world

Wind turbines in the tower will generate power, while the double skin-glass facade of the structure will help with insulation.

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4. Rainwater keeps it cool (and hot)

The spiral shaped design makes it able to collect rainwater that can be used throughout the heating and air conditioning systems.

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5. Shanghai’s typhoon-force winds are no match for this tower

This design was tested and approved in wind tunnels.

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6. Jet to the top using the world’s fastest elevators

Mitsubishi designed elevators that go up to 40 miles per hour.

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7. The last beam is now in place

The tower opens in 2014.

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Learn more about Gensler.

This is one of many exhibits featured in the Autodesk Gallery, learn more about Autodesk.

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