7 Behind The Scenes Images From The Aston Martin Design Studio

Normally kept under wraps, we received a behind the scenes look at where Aston Martin houses their innovative designers.

1. Aston Martin Design is home to the makers of world-renowned luxury sports cars

Aston Martin Design / Via

2. These designers have the unique ability to bring together the physical and digital aspects of design

Aston Martin Design / Via

3. Aston Martin sculpt their models in clay and use laser scans so they can be visualized in 3D

Aston Martin Design / Via

4. Using the 3D scan, a full model can be sculpted and milled in clay by the computer

Aston Martin Design / Via

5. Aston Martin uses this process in advanced rapid prototyping of new designs

The data from a designers sketch can then be used to produce a photorealistic visualization to share with others in the design team and can also be sent to the 3D printing machine to produce a prototype. (such as the steering wheel pictured below)

Aston Martin Design / Via

6. Using advanced design software, a new concept for a vehicle can go from ‘art’ to ‘part’ within days

Pictured below is a member of the Aston Martin team using visualization software to design the new automobile.

Aston Martin Design / Via

7. This design process gives way to innovative new vehicles such as the Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition

Aston Martin Design / Via

Aston Martin Design Studio uses the following design software in their design process: Autodesk Showcase, Autodesk Alias and Autodesk Maya.

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