27 Signs You’re Not A Relationship-Type Person

I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that…or anything else really because love is kinda stupid. Sorry.

1. You’re getting to the point where a lot of your friends are loved up.

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2. Some are even getting married.

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4. But when you think back to your own relationships, you’re just grateful you made it out alive.

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5. You liked all the physical stuff.

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6. But the rest was such a drag…

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7. Singledom means you can pass out on the sofa after watching a Dance Moms marathon.

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8. Or drop a fart without anyone being grossed out.

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9. Plus you HATE sharing food.

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10. Or giving up personal space.

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11. You value your “Me Time.”

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12. Not having to shave regularly is a huge plus.

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13. Pancakes trump morning sex any day.

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14. Getting regular massages is great…

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15. But at some point you’re expected to return the favour.

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16. When people say the “L” word you feel a bit antsy.

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17. You still think about your ex.

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18. Even though you broke up five years ago…

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19. Once you may have sort of cheated on someone, and you didn’t feel as bad as you should have.

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20. The friend zone = the best zone.

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21. There is no divorce in the friend zone.

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22. You like dating loads of different people.

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23. It keeps things fresh and you don’t get bored.

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24. And when dates go bad you get to return to Dance Moms and pancakes.

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25. You mourn single pals when you see a new “in a relationship” status.

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26. Because let’s face it — all the best songs are about being single and partying.

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27. The WORST songs are about love.

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Leave the lovers to do their thing — and you keep doing you!

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