27 Signs You Suffer From Shy Girl Syndrome

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her — but I’m really shy and I’ll probably just text you so don’t hate me OK PLEASE.

You may or may not be aware, there’s a condition that’s sweeping the nation.

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SGS (Shy Girl Syndrome) affects an estimated 40% of the female population. / Via NBC
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Here’s how you find out if you’re one of them.

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1. When you were younger, hearing the teacher say “Partner up” made you feel like this…

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2. Being asked to go into the staff room = major freak-out. / Via SNL
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3. All the other girls in school did TLC dance routines at school recitals.

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You weren’t brave enough (even though you knew some bitchin’ choreography).

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4. In class you knew the answer but were far too scared to say anything. / Via The Office US
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5. In fact, your quietness had a few people thinking you were a mute.

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6. When you did suddenly speak it made people feel uneasy.

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7. Now you’re older you speak up but it’s more of a mumble than actual words.

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8. People always ask you to repeat yourself.

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9. After they’ve asked you for the third time you give up and walk away.

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10. A girl with SGS has one mortal enemy: the phone.

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11. When your crush calls you pick up — but it’s SO HARD to keep your cool.

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12. Even when making a doctor’s appointment, phone fear makes you sound like a pubescent boy.

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13. Facebook = difficult territory. You spend HOURS trying to figure out if it’s appropriate to send a friend request.

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14. When you got a new job you took to Facebook to write a happy status about it.

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15. And then quickly deleted it out of fear of being “too much.”

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16. When someone annoys you, you get REALLY angry.

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In your head.

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17. Telling someone how you feel in general is pretty freakin’ difficult.

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18. You often send people songs, hoping they get the subliminal messages.

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19. When you see someone you know in public you have a big debate with yourself about approaching them.

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20. In the end you decide to stare at them. Hoping you can make them turn around with your mind.

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21. When you’re in a group situation and someone suddenly asks you a question your brain turns to mush.

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22. You end up saying something that makes NO sense.

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And everyone’s like…

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23. Going to the shop can be a pretty terrifying ordeal.

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24. When you don’t find what you need you purchase something anyway because the cashier is totally judging you.

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25. Buying tampons makes you break out in a sweat.

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26. Trying on clothes is a big-time nightmare — especially when there’s no private mirror.

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27. You have to venture out of your cubicle and check yourself out in front of hordes of other women.

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If you exhibit any of these signs you most definitely have SGS.

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But you’ll be OK. Take it easy, deep breaths and get plenty of rest.

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And embrace your SGS.

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