Argentina Defeats Netherlands, Advances To World Cup Final

Argentina will play Germany in the World Cup Final on Sunday.

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Argentina wins in penalties! 4-1 after Rodriguez puts it in!

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Kuyt keeps the Dutch alive, trail 3-2 in penalties.

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It’s in, and Argentina leads 3-1 in penalties! Netherlands must score here to stay alive.

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SAVED! Argentina blocks another and they’re in prime position to advance to the World Cup Final.

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2-1, Argentina leads at the end of Round 2 in penalties.

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Robben capitalizes, puts it in to tie at 1-1.

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Messi! Argentina goes up 1-0 in penalties.

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BLOCKED! Netherlands fails to make their first penatly : 0-0

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Here we go! The Dutch will step up to take the first kick of the shootout.

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120th minute: There’s the whistle and we’re headed to penalties!

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Solid chance for Argentina, but comes up just short.

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117th minute: Fans eagerly look on at this exciting 0-0 match.

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108th minute: Pablo Zabaleta down on the pitch after a brutal hit, looked to have a mouth injury.

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Half-time of extra-time: Netherlands 0-0 Argentina

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95th minute: Robin Van Persie subbed off. Huntelaar on.

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