Spain Eliminated From World Cup After 2-0 Loss To Chile

Chile and Netherlands will advance to the knockout stage. Spain and Australia are eliminated.

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There were 8.2 million tweets about the Spain and Chile match, according to @TwitterData.

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Netherlands and Chile advance to the knockout stages of the World Cup. Spain and Australia are now eliminated.

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FINAL: Chile defeats Spain 2-0.


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Six minutes of stoppage time left before Chile advances to the knockout stages, and sends Spain home.


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Spanish fans look on as their time is slowly running out in this year’s tournament.

Spain fans at the moment:

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Bravo is down in the 81st minute. Spain still trails 2-0, and is 10 minutes away from being eliminated from the tournament.


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Sergio Ramos’ studs up and right into the thigh of the Chilean attacker. No booking, deemed accidental.


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Chile comes SO close to making it 3-0, as the shot goes over the crossbar on the sliding attempt.


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Fernando Torres on for Spain as they try to get some kind of aggressive attack going in the last 30 minutes.


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Chilean goalscorer Aranguiz has been carted off with an injury in the 58th minute.


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Spain’s coach reacts to Busquet’s wide-open chance at goal that was missed early in the second half.


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The second half is underway from Rio. Spain tries to pull something together as they’re on the way out of the FIFA World Cup with a loss.


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Halftime: Chile leads Spain 2-0.

Chile advances to knockout stage with a win today. Spain will be eliminated from the World Cup with a loss.

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This is the goal that put Chile up 2-0 versus Spain, potentially eliminating the defending World Cup champions from the tournament.

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GOAL: Chile now leads Spain 2-0, late in the first half.


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