Which NBA Legend Are You?

“Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court.”

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    1. Ignore them. I GOT ICE IN MY VEINS.
    2. Laugh it off.
    3. One-up them with an earth-shattering dunk.
    4. *Kanye-shrug*
    5. Fans? What?
    6. They’re just having fun, and so am I.
    7. They’ll get over it.
    8. Talk trash back at them.
    9. Give them the finger.
    1. Throw a fit.
    2. Beg to get back in.
    3. Stare at your coach till he puts you back in the game.
    4. Cheer your teammates on.
    5. Help coach with the gameplan.
    6. Slam chairs.
    7. Patiently watch the game.
    8. Harass a referee.
    1. 5-foot-3
    2. 5-foot7
    3. 6-foot-1
    1. 6-foot-3
    2. 6-foot-6
    3. 6-foot-8
    1. 6-foot-9
    2. 6-foot-10
    3. 7-foot-1
    1. I don’t really care, man. Just gimme my legend.
    2. I’d be honored.
    3. That’d be pretty cool.
    4. Am I starring in it?
    5. My stats better be PERFECT. You hear me? PERFECT.
    6. I don’t really want limitations put on my character.
    7. Sure, I’ll be dunking on everyone though.
    8. Interesting. Do I get free copies?
    9. Awesome, let’s make 20 video games.
    1. Post up, dribble, sky hook!
    2. Dropping a dime pass, so my teammate can hit the game winner.
    4. Nail a three-pointer with my eyes closed.
    5. Cross-over, step back, fadeaway as time expires.
    6. I’m taking it to the house, but getting blocked.
    7. Whatever game plan the coach draws up.
    8. I’m usually on the bench in clutch situations.

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