The Insane North Dakota Tornado Video You Have To See To Believe

On Monday, a rare EF-2 tornado in North Dakota was caught on video by a group of oil workers located just south of Watford City.

1. Video taken by a group of oil workers, on Monday, shows a rare EF-2 tornado hit near their camp, just south of Watford City, N.D.

ID: 3021516

2. Peak winds of 120mph were reported by the National Weather Service. The tornado was estimated to be 100 yards wide, with a path of a half-a-mile long.

ID: 3021580

3. The insane footage shows a scene that is rarely captured by someone who survives being so close to a tornado.

ID: 3021293

4. The workers captured most of the footage from inside a truck, while dirt and debris were being tossed around outside by the tornado.

ID: 3021725

5. Watch the full video below:

ID: 3021297

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