22 Struggles Only Bros Will Understand

You don’t bro me as well as you think you do.

1. We must abide by a strict code.

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2. Being this good-looking…

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…is not easy.

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3. There are only so many pastel colors to choose from.

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4. People don’t know whether to love us or hate us.

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5. Paying attention in class is mad difficult.


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6. There are only six Jack Johnson albums to choose from.

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7. And there just hasn’t been enough Dave happening, lately.

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I mean, come on… 70 tours and over 2,000 shows just isn’t enough.

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8. The competition is stiff in our society.

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9. And Inflation is hitting us hard.

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10. The weekend is a full-time job in itself.

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11. Jägerbombs have 160 calories, 14 grams of carbs, and ZERO grams of protein.

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Not ideal for the beach bod.

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12. Only 23 states border the ocean.

Ljupco/ Ljupco

People actually live in the other 27?

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13. People still want us to wear socks.


Not going to happen.

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14. People hate when we call each other “bro.”

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15. Others expect us to drink whiskey.


But, we all know those non-bro drinks are fucking tasty.

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16. Hearing people incorrectly quote Top Gun is the worst.

Paramount Pictures/ giphy.com


Don’t write checks your ass can’t cash.

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17. We’re always expected to match at sporting events.

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18. Blue Mountain State was canceled.

Spike TV / Via johnnybg00d.tumblr.com

And it’s never coming back :(

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19. And the Entourage movie still isn’t out yet.

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20. Gaming is as frustrating as picking out a pastel-colored shirt.

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21. Our emotional state is constantly in question.

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22. We understand ridiculously high standards have already been established.

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