16 Hipster Companies Rebranded As The Corporate Giants They Hate

You’ve probably never heard of them.

1. Quality hotel, but for ten times the price.

Nick Child/Cornett IMS

Ace Hotel as Hilton Hotels

ID: 2532172

2. Same material, just slightly cheaper.

Danielle Podeszek/Cornett IMS

Band of Outsiders as Tommy Hilfiger.

ID: 2532180

3. Dollar shave. Million dollar idea.

Steve Broderson/Cornett IMS

Dollar Shave Club as Global Gillette.

ID: 2532183

4. Now your drunk uncle can enjoy IPAs.

Shannon Adams/Cornett IMS

Dogfish Head as Miller Lite.

ID: 2532200

5. Too drab for fab.

Clay Gibson/Cornett IMS

Fab as Target.

ID: 2532193

6. Same great bikes, but for a much older, hairier crowd.

Tim Jones/Cornett IMS

Deus Ex Machina Customs as Harley Davidson.

ID: 2532176

7. Now an acronym and in every major mall in America.

Freemans Sporting Club/Cornett IMS

Freemans Sporting Club as JC Penny.

ID: 2532195

8. Because the other 72 Starbucks spinoffs weren’t enough.

Bobby Oakley/CornettIMS

Intelligentsia Coffee as Starbucks.

ID: 2532203

9. Produce the same amount of beer, but now add water and can it for the masses.

Shannon Adams/CornettIMS

Brooklyn Brewery as Bud Light.

ID: 2532198

10. Back to the roots. Hipster is just too mainstream right now.

Brooklyn Nets/CornettIMS

Brooklyn Nets as New Jersey Nets.

ID: 2532225

11. Gentrifying your street corners with the latest full-bodied, organic blend.

Clay Gibson/CornettIMS

Sight Glass Coffee as Dunkin’ Donuts.

ID: 2532230

12. If Willy Wonka sold out.

Tim Jones/CornettIMS

Mast Brothers Chocolate as Hershey’s Chocolate.

ID: 2532256

13. Same beer, now colder.

Shannon Adams/CornettIMS

Saint Archer Brewing Co. as Coors Light.

ID: 2532234

14. NASCAR loves us now.

Tim Jones/CornettIMS

Best Made as Home Depot.

ID: 2532259

15. Trendy gear for the mountains that aren’t around you.

Tim Jones/CornettIMS

Poler Outdoor Stuff as Dick’s Sporting Goods.

ID: 2532246

16. Haven’t changed, just hate ourselves now.

Urban Outfitters/CornettIMS

Urban Outfitters as….well, Urban Outfitters.

ID: 2532237

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