Watch This Crazy Dude Jump Out Of Tiny Capsule 23 Miles Up In The Sky (For Real This Time)

Felix Baumgartner will attempt the first supersonic space jump today, weather permitting. He will leap from just below the stratosphere (without any mechanical help) at roughly 120,000 feet in the sky and will free fall for more than five minutes — breaking the speed of sound in the process. NO BIG DEAL. UPDATED: The jump is supposed to happen at 8:45am MDT on 10/14. UPDATED: New launch time is 10am MDT.

1. If all goes well, this will be Felix Baumgartner’s second attempt to skydive from 123,000 feet in the air — higher than anyone before — after Tuesday’s failed launch.The jump is scheduled for 10am MDT, watch the live feed here:

2. [Updated 9:30am EST]: Felix getting into the capsule.

3. [UPDATED 10:40am EST]: Still waiting on the final OK, but Felix is getting ready to go.

[UPDATED 10:45am EST]: New launch time set for 10am MDT (12pm EST).

5. [UPDATED 11am EST]: Inflating the balloon (this takes about 75 minutes).

"We are going to get your goal and your dream accomplished Felix." Joe Kittinger from Mission Control

— RedBullStratos (@Red Bull Stratos)

7. [UPDATED 11:40am EST]: Here he goes! Up Up Up

8. Below is everything that happened (or didn’t happen) from Tuesday’s attempt.


[UPDATED 12:05pm]: They’re opening the balloon! Inflation will start at 10:15 MDT and the launch at roughly 11 MDT.

9. [UPDATED 12:25pm]: Felix gettin ready to go; “pre-breathing” inside the capsule.

10. [UPDATED 12:30pm]: Felix, just chillin’.

[UPDATED 12:45pm]: Popular Science says the capsule is now suspended from the crane; once the balloon becomes vertical they’ll release the capsule with Felix inside. (The balloon has to be perfectly vertical when it launches or it might tear.)

Guinness Book of World records is here, in addition to the FAI, which will officially verify any records set. #stratos

— jenbogo (@Jennifer Bogo)

[UPDATED 12:55pm]: Looks like the jump is going to be at 11:30 MDT now.

14. [UPDATED 1pm]: Felix heading into the capsule!

The morbid things I learned back in 2010 about @RedBullStratos. If Felix sweats too much too early, he'll freeze to death. (1/2)

— ThePeterHa (@Peter Ha)

A tear in his suit will result in every bit of liquid attempting to vacate the suit through said tear. (2/2)

— ThePeterHa (@Peter Ha)

[UPDATED 1:25pm]: “We’re told permission was granted to begin inflation but there’s been a subsequent delay. Yesterday meteorologist Don Day told us that weather at mission control can be totally different than the weather at the launch site a couple hundred yards away,” says Popular Science.

[UPDATED 1:30pm]: Five minute countdown!


Dude, just go there and jump finally. Don't tell me you're afraid of wind. #stratos

— pimpl (@Piotrek Mierzejewski)

RT @TBJprod: Four Loko's like, "Jump, pussy."

— mcmurrayjt (@Jeff McMurray)

#redbullstratosjump delayed again... Who cares if its windy make that fucker jump! #impatient

— ovdh11 (@Omer VanDenHeede)

[UPDATED 1:50pm]: Apparently things were pretty windy on the tarmac, and the balloon twisted and touched the ground — meaning no jump — because it’s that delicate. Rumors of a reschedule for tomorrow…

Mission abort due to heavy winds. #straos #livejump

— RedBullStratos (@Red Bull Stratos)

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