Justin Bieber Punks Everyone On Twitter

Justin Bieber had beliebers worried all week, telling everyone on Twitter his computer and camera were stolen, when really it was a big PR stunt for a new video. Cool Justin, cool. Some of us were actually worried.

So the other day Justin Bieber tweeted that some of his stuff was stolen…

And then this weird Twitter account came out and said they had it, threatening to reveal something awful.

Seems like they just wanted Bieber to notice them too…

But Bieber didn’t care, beliebers are too strong

And then Bieber was just like NOON NOON NOON NOOOOOON

And Justin tweeted emotional things, and everyone was getting REALLY nervous…

And then Nicki Minaj was all

and IT WAS ALL A LIE, for a stupid new music video

23. In case you can’t watch the video at work, here’s the short version!

24. There was dancing on water.

25. And some dancing underwater, too.

26. And then Nicki Minaj showed up.

And now we can never trust you again, Justin. #onelessbelieber

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