How To Say LOL In 14 Different Languages

If you see something hilarious on Russian Facebook, you’ll know exactly what to do. posted on

1. Japan: wwwwwwww

The Japanese gaming world was quick to adopt “w” for the word “warai” which means laughing. Now, the more wwwwwww’s the better!

2. Israel: חחח/ההה

The letter ח is pronounced ‘kh’ so putting a bunch together is khkhkhkhkh which is kind of like hahahah

4. Sweden: *asg*

asg is an abbreviation for asgarv which means intense laughter in Swedish

5. Everywhere: ha3

It’s most popular in Malaysia and the Arab world, but it’s so simple (“ha” x3) that you see it just about everywhere.

mdr comes from the French phrase “mort de rire” which means “dying of laughter”

7. China: 哈哈哈

8. Latin America: jajajá

9. The Middle East: هههههههههههه

This is the Arabic script equivalent of hahaha but because Arabic uses short vowels it’d be more like hhhhhhhhhh

10. Brazil: kkkkkkkkkk or rsrsrsrsrs

11. Korea: ㅋㅋㅋ and ㅎㅎㅎ

12. Thailand: 555

The sound of 5 in Thai is ‘ha’ so 555 is literally hahaha

13. Russia: xa xa, хи хи, гы-гы and бу-гы-га-га

14. Greece: ΛΟΛ

15. Nigeria: LWKM and LWKMD

Translates to “laugh wan kill me” and “laugh wan kill me dead.”

Shocked: My lil mama just counted 1-10 in hausa, I could not contain my laughter, how did she learn that? Grandma things? #LWKMD" target="_blank">">#LWKMD

If u were to collect THREE thousand naira from all your ex's, how much will u have in total? pls be sincere #LWKMD" target="_blank">">#LWKMD

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