How Old People Use The Internet

By looking at it VERY closely.

1. Before I even get to my computer, I should probably figure out how to search

ID: 694461

2. OK got it. To the web!

ID: 692504

3. Searching for “Google” because that is how you search for things

ID: 694448

4. Wait, does that say Google?

ID: 692509

5. Yes, right. Okay now, what to search?

ID: 692505

6. First, gotta check the nEWs

ID: 692503

7. Search for my meds

ID: 694501

8. Update my blog

ID: 694504

9. See what my friends are up to on Facebook. Does that say Facebook?

Thomas Hodel / Reuters
ID: 692246

10. Ah yes, that’s much better

dapd, Joerg Koch / AP
ID: 692252

11. See what’s happening on

ID: 692508

12. Everythings looks good on the INTERNET

ID: 692518

13. Back to Google, got more stuff to search for

ID: 692511

14. OH MAN what did I do my Google isn’t in English anymore

ID: 692519

15. No no no I wanted Wikipedia to see what language I’m stuck in

ID: 692539

16. Oh god what are apps where am I

ID: 692540

17. Maybe if I just take a step back

ID: 694018

18. A little bit further

ID: 692543

19. What the hell this magnifying glass must be broken

ID: 694022

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