How Big Is The iPad Mini?

It’s difficult to conceptualize the size of the iPad Mini, so we tried to put things in perspective.

A lot of people are wondering just how big the iPad Mini really is — bigger than an iPod? Smaller than an iPad? Let some of our friends explain.

ID: 655630

2. It’s somewhere in the middle —

ID: 655008

3. heavier, but not too heavy

ID: 654790

4. bigger than your hand but smaller than your arms.

ID: 655029

5. Not too small but not too big,

ID: 654846

6. somewhere kind of in the middle —

ID: 654923

7. thin but also kind of thick.

ID: 655076

8. Bigger than the smallest but smaller than the biggest,

ID: 655123

9. not too short but not too tall —

ID: 655229

10. just between the small and big ones.

ID: 655260

11. The iPad Mini (the one in the middle)

ID: 655571

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