The 11 Best Replies To One Direction’s Tweets

One Direction fans will reply with ANYTHING to their tweets, and apparently just really want a follow.

1. I’m sure he said that.

Harry was just asking for that, let’s be honest.

ID: 1462786

2. Who wouldn’t fall for that line?

Completely irrelevant to the tweet, but Alex Goldschmidt don’t care.

ID: 1462815

3. Relevancy is apparently very unimportant when asking for a follow.

If I were Zayn I’d definitely follow for the fried chickens.

ID: 1462876

4. Relevancy aside, these one-liners are killer.

Alex Goldschmidt types 140 characters of pure golden pick up lines.

ID: 1462892

5. Swag!

Joke’s on Anna, because that’s definitely Louis in her icon.

ID: 1462919

6. Relevancy is a plus!

This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful poem, or a subtle innuendo? I’ll leave the decision to you.

ID: 1462951

7. Directness is best.

She know’s what she wants and is not afraid to broadcast that to everyone that follows her.

ID: 1462984

8. One letter tweet, infinite possibility of replies.

And this girl nailed it, especially with the emoticon at the end.

ID: 1463008

9. Sarcasm?

I genuinely hope not, I 100% agree, ice ice bby.

ID: 1463017

10. Clever, you win.

I personally would have gone with my lip gloss, but to each his own.

ID: 1463023

11. She gets the gold medal.

Where most fans took the obvious innuendo route, Dani took the high road.

ID: 1463050

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