22 Private Messages To Elaine Benes’ Joke OKCupid Account

AskMen asked the creators of Modern Seinfeld to imagine what Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine would put in their OKCupid profiles for a Valentine’s Day feature. They didn’t intend to keep the accounts live for longer than it would take to screencap them, but Elaine’s profile started getting tons of responses immediately. Some guys were in on the joke — but others were just into this woman named Elaine Benes.

And these are the responses.

1. Some guys were happy for an excuse to bust out some obscure ‘Seinfeld’ references.

5. Other guys just want to take Elaine out for Chinese food.

8. Some guys see her as a zany kindred spirit.

It’s all about the little kicks.

12. Some respondents were hung up on the Christmas card nip slip.

15. But mostly, these guys are looking for a woman like Elaine.

Our hearts go out to the guys who think she’s real. But it all confirms what we already knew: That Elaine Benes is the most adorable woman to ever appear on a sitcom.

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