You Need To Hear This Guy Beatbox

I mean how is it even possible to make this many sounds with your mouth?!

1. Meet Tom Thum. A native of Brisbane, Australia, Tom can make sounds with his mouth you didn’t know were humanly possible.

ID: 1404330

2. First he lays down the beats…

ID: 1404349

3. … then he SINGS to his own freaking track.

ID: 1404356

4. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s absolutely adorable.

ID: 1405066

5. I mean… I wouldn’t say I hate staring at your face.

ID: 1405109

6. But anyway, back to the important stuff. Watch this!

ID: 1404377

7. And if that last video wasn’t enough to make you a believer, prepare to listen to the coolest TED talk ever.

ID: 1405021

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