Why You Need To Experience Sonic At Some Point In Your Life

Tater Tots, roller skates, and cherry limeade. Need I say more?

1. This is Sonic.

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2. You’ve probably seen one of their commercials, even if you haven’t actually been to a Sonic.

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3. It’s one of the world’s great mysteries.

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Alex Sontag


Why do I always see sonic commercials but never see any sonics…. #puzzled

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Seriously where the hell is a sonic? I’ve seen there commercials a billion times but I’ve never seen a sonic anywhere #wtf #iwannatryit

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6. At Sonic everything is part of the experience. Ordering is fun!

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7. And your waiters deliver your food on ROLLER SKATES.

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8. Which you get to eat IN YOUR CAR.

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9. Or next to your horse?

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10. Sonic has one of the craziest menus around.

You can actually order almost anything your heart desires.

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11. They have 398,929 drink combinations.

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12. And that’s not even including the milkshakes!

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13. But here’s the real reason everyone loves Sonic. HAPPY HOUR. EVERY DAY.

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14. Which means you can get a Route 44 CHERRY LIMEADE for a little over a DOLLAR!

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15. Can anyone say?

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16. And let’s not forget about the ice. There’s nothing as good as SONIC ICE.

Like small crunchy, bites of happiness.

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17. Well nothing except SONIC TATER TOTS.

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18. All fast food restaurants should be required to carry tots on their menu. For the good of humanity.

ID: 1172181

19. Sonic brings together all the things you want most in life in one place. Onion rings.

Aka tots, onion rings and fries.

ID: 1171380

20. Insanely inventive hot dogs.

Yes, that is guacamole on a hot dog.

ID: 1171546

21. Awesome grilled cheese sandwiches.

ID: 1172136

22. Themed burgers.

ID: 1173538

23. And breakfast burritos WITH TOTS INSIDE THEM.

ID: 1173520

24. Basically,

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25. It brings joy to everyone around.

ID: 1171501

26. No matter if you’re young.

ID: 1172889

27. Or young at heart.

ID: 1172140

28. Happy Sonicing!

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