Why Napping Makes Everybody’s Day Better

“No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.” —Carrie P. Snow, Comedian

1. Some days are tougher than others.

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2. Maybe you had a hard day at work.

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3. Or perhaps you’re quite the night owl.

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4. You spent too much time Facebook stalking last night.

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5. Or maybe you pulled an all-nighter studying.

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6. Regardless, you’re having trouble staying awake today.

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7. And all you want is a quick nap.

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8. A “catnap” if you will.

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9. A little shuteye to recharge your batteries.

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10. After all there’s nothing like a good nap to get you back on track.

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11. But napping is so much more than an energy booster.

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12. It’s spiritual.

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13. It’s social.

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14. And oftentimes it’s necessary.

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15. Sometimes you just need a little love.

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16. Some reassurance everything is going to be alright.

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17. The comfort of a friend.

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18. Or two.

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19. Or three.

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20. Because sometimes life can get lonely.

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21. Or a little overwhelming.

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22. But when things get rough,

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23. Just remember there’s someone out there who loves you.

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24. A friend who will stick by your side.

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25. Through thick or thin.

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26. Good days.

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27. And bad.

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28. And in the end always remember,

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29. There’s nothing a good nap can’t cure.

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30. So go on, treat yourself to a little “R & R”. You deserve it!

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31. Happy napping!

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