This Teacher Wore The Same Exact Outfit In His Yearbook Photo Every Year For 40 Years

I mean, it’s a pretty fly outfit. Via Dallas News.

1. In 1974, Dale Irby, a P.E. teacher from Richardson, Texas, discovered he had worn the same outfit in his yearbook photo two years in a row.

His wife Cathy dared him to do it for a third year, and 40 years later he was still wearing the same outfit. Below is a compilation of his yearbook photos from 1973–2013.

ID: 1332481

2. 1973–1977

Ashley Perez
ID: 1332283

3. 1978–1983

Ashley Perez
ID: 1332307

4. 1984–1988

Ashley Perez
ID: 1332324

5. 1989–1993

ID: 1332343

6. 1994–1997

Ashley Perez
ID: 1332378

7. 1998–2003

ID: 1332392

8. 2004–2008

Ashley Perez
ID: 1332402

9. 2009–2013

Ashley Perez
ID: 1332438

10. After 40 years, Mr. Irby retired from Prestonwood Elementary School in 2013, but rest assured he left in style.

Ashley Perez
ID: 1332450

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