There Is A Hot Springs In Japan Where Monkeys Relax All Day

Majestic doesn’t even begin to describe the spectacle you are about to witness.

1. There is a place hidden deep within the Japanese mountains known as Jigokudani (Hell’s Valley) where something strange happens at the same time every year.

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2. As the fall fades into the winter and temperatures begin to drop into the 10s (-10 degrees Celsius), a strange visitor comes upon the small hot springs hidden in Hell’s Valley.

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3. A small, furry visitor that is.

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4. This is Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, where each winter swarms of wild Japanese macaques (commonly known as snow monkeys) descend upon the man-made onsen (hot spring) for a nice warm soak.

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5. It’s a phenomenon that is both extremely weird and incredibly wonderful.

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6. The monkeys have been bathing in this location since 1963, and, quite frankly, they look like they’re having a damn good time. I mean look at this guy…

That is one happy monkey.

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7. He seems pretty relaxed.

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8. There’s something majestic about monkeys bathing, right?

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9. If I were a monkey, I’d definitely sit in a hot bath all day long.

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10. Because who wouldn’t want a moment to sit and contemplate life?

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11. Surrounded by your closest friends and family.

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12. Oh, and a whole lot of tourists.

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13. “No pictures please.”

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14. “OK fine, just one picture then.”

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15. Essentially, what we’re saying is, hot monkey baths look like a lot of fun…

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16. … just make sure you don’t over do it.

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17. Or you may end up in a bad situation.

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18. Take a breather every now and then — refresh.

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19. Then hop right in and continue to WIN at relaxing.

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