34 Signs You Grew Up Filipino

This post is mainly about food. But then again, isn’t that the best part of being Pinoy?

1. This was a perfectly normal breakfast.

Spam, good. Eggs, good. Rice, obviously good.

ID: 1144663

2. But this was your actual favorite breakfast.


ID: 1145306

3. And when all else failed there was always this.

Sweet bread for breakfast? Yes, please…

ID: 1147481

4. You have no idea how to make rice on the stove, only in a flowery rice cooker.

ID: 1144669

5. This was your “ketchup.”

The spicy kind was the best.

ID: 1144673

6. You had a hundred pairs of “tsinelas” spread around your house.

Because you immediately took off your shoes when you entered the house.

ID: 1144683

7. The only name you were ever called by was:

Like, you’re not even sure your parents know your real name.

ID: 1145856

8. Their names are lolo and lola, not grandpa and grandma.

ID: 1145202

9. You know you had to “mano” every adult in the house before you were allowed to go play.

ID: 1144692

10. Which was no easy task because you had approximately 15 “titas” and “titos” growing up.

And half of them weren’t actually related to you.

ID: 1145208

11. Every year you sent a giant cardboard box to your relatives in the Philippines.

The contents of which were 99% Spam.

ID: 1145051

12. You immediately turn your head when you hear these phrases.

ID: 1147447

13. This is how your mom points.

Hand me the “ano.”

ID: 1145467

14. Your Thanksgiving includes a few unconventional items.

Note the lumpia, rice, kare kare, pancit, etc…

ID: 1145239

15. Nothing makes your mouth water faster than the sight of pan de sal.

ID: 1145248

16. Your family does most of its grocery shopping here.

Or the local “Asian food store.”

ID: 1145258

17. And this was your bakery.

ID: 1145697

18. You could really go for an ice-cold halo halo right now.

ID: 1145278

19. All of your relatives came over every time this guy was fighting.

AFP/Jewel Samad

Manny Pacquiao. Represent.

ID: 1145319

20. Your family car definitely has one of these hanging somewhere.

ID: 1145335

21. You call this an “air-con” not an A/C.

ID: 1145776

22. You were constantly being asked if you had finished your Kumon.

ID: 1145931

23. You played at least one musical instrument growing up.

And you had to learn the Suzuki method.

ID: 1145973

24. Your parents were always particularly creative when it came to saving money.

HappySlip / Via youtube.com
ID: 1145651

25. Adobo is your love language.

ID: 1146034

26. You know your mom didn’t know what to cook when you saw this was what you were eating for dinner.

ID: 1145376

27. You never threw away your plastic silverware.

Because you know, “sayang”…

ID: 1146087

28. But let’s be honest, half the time you didn’t actually eat with silverware.

ID: 1146611

29. This looks very familiar.

Aunties getting craaaazy!

ID: 1145576

30. Every family gathering ends with a rousing round of karaoke.

ID: 1145509

31. You were always looking for ways to rep the Filipino flag.

ID: 1146010

32. You love joking about being a FOB, but the second anyone else calls you one, you’re like:

DA HELL? Not cool.

ID: 1147388

33. Taglish was your native tongue.

ID: 1147401

34. Watching this is like watching your life.

ID: 1147511

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