38 People Who Are Done With Today

You lose some, you lose some.

1. This kid who never saw it coming.

ID: 2957830

2. This girl who no longer wants to be the next Martha Stewart.

ID: 2959596

3. This girl who is so over balloons.

ID: 2958391

4. This guy who partied just a little too hard.

ID: 2957929

5. This woman who experienced firsthand the slippery slopes of fame.

ID: 2957870

6. This girl who no longer feels a need to be sexy.

ID: 2957934

7. This kid who now refuses to listen to the song “#Selfie.”

ID: 2957905

8. This girl who learned walking is harder than it looks.

ID: 2957912

9. This woman who starred in the real-life version of Gravity.

ID: 2957921

10. This guy who learned the hard way that he should respect women.

ID: 2957961

11. This guy who was on a literal roll.

ID: 2957987

12. This Lebron James wannabe.

ID: 2958421

13. This sk8er boi.

ID: 2958436

14. This contestant on America’s Got Talent.

ID: 2958602

15. This guy who deserved what was coming.

ID: 2958622

16. This reporter who got bested by a 5 year-old.

ID: 2958663

17. And this reporter who just lost all of his street cred.

ID: 2959273

18. This girl who discovered pillow pets and pets are two very different things.

ID: 2958375

19. This real-life catfish victim.

ID: 2958746

20. This grandma who is wondering why she ever had children.

ID: 2959174

21. This Mr. Clean wannabe.

ID: 2959185

22. This designer who should have designed a stronger floor.

ID: 2959282

23. This woman whose dog put her to shame.

ID: 2959288

24. This person who shouldn’t have been doing what they were doing in the first place.

ID: 2959341

25. This bro.

ID: 2959350

26. This college graduate who probably isn’t quite ready for the real world.

ID: 2959497

27. This kid who just can’t catch a break.

ID: 2959509

28. This “fisherman.”

ID: 2959532

29. This jabroni.

ID: 2959536

30. This girl who now thinks cheerleading is overrated.

ID: 2959646

31. This guy who overshot his target by just a touch.

ID: 2959548

32. This girl who only had one job.

ID: 2959557

33. This girl who got into deep sheep with her dance moves.

ID: 2959576

34. This girl for whom sitting never came easily.

ID: 2959586

35. This mom who was just trying to have a little fun.

ID: 2959614

36. This guy who now understands why there’s a limit to the number of bags you can carry on.

ID: 2959714

37. This guy who should probably never work for QVC.

ID: 2959761

38. This girl who didn’t want to go to Sea World in the first place.

ID: 2959674

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