8 Essential Tips For Gchat Flirting

“Gchat is the second lowest form of communication.” -Hannah Horvath, Girls

Flirting has changed.

In order to help we’ve created a few potentially tricky Gchat situations to guide you through the many nuances of online flirting.

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1. Don’t forget about grammar:

Vowels are sexy, use them.

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2. Avoid emoticon overload:

A smiley is worth a thousand words. Use sparingly.

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3. Don’t “hehe” and “haha” your way through life:

You’re not a 13 year-old girl.

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4. Don’t chat them as soon as they sign on:

Stalking is illegal in all fifty states.

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5. Avoid the play-by-play:

This may be shocking, but your crush shouldn’t be able to chart your every bowel movement based on your gchat history.

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6. Wait for a response:

“Your crush is typing…” Let them finish.

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7. Make sure they’re not actually busy:

Just like a traffic light, red means stop.

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8. Make sure you’re typing in the right window:

“Surprise! I’m secretly obsessed with you,” doesn’t tend to go over well.

Ashley Perez
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Don’t worry you’ll get a hang of it eventually.

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Happy flirting ;D

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