31 Signs You’ve Been A Teacher Too Long

Spit out your gum, please. Inside voices. IS THAT A CELL PHONE I SEE?!

1. You’ve started making the cheesiest jokes on the planet.

ID: 1191242

2. You can spot a cell phone smuggler a mile away.

ID: 1191256

3. The next person who tells you, “You’re lucky to have summers off. Teachers have it so easy!” is going to get a pencil in the jugular.

ID: 1195992

4. You don’t care if he’s the president, no leaning back in chairs!

ID: 1195302

5. You enjoy movie day as much as your students.

ID: 1193741

6. This is your inner monologue during some parent-teacher meetings.

ID: 1196005

7. You laugh right along with your kids when a new teacher with a funny name starts.

ID: 1191281

8. You’re an expert at scarfing down an entire meal between 4th and 5th period.

ID: 1194441

9. You’ve considered switching to this method of grading papers.

ID: 1193695

10. You’ve definitely lost your cool in class.

ID: 1191272

11. You get irrationally mad when you realize the internet is ruining students’ grammar.

ID: 1191286

12. You’ve stopped trying to hide your smile when kids tattle on each other.

ID: 1191288

13. You’ve mastered the art of improvising.

…like when your students turn their desks sideways for April Fools’ Day, and you just roll with it.

ID: 1191334

14. Your mornings have started to look like this.

ID: 1191577

15. You get just as bored during study hall as your students.

ID: 1191352

16. You don’t take things so seriously anymore. For example, yearbook photos.

ID: 1191362

17. OR tests.

ID: 1193285

18. This is your daily battle.

ID: 1195304

19. You know that the one time you leave the house in sweats and with unwashed hair, you WILL run into a student or parent.

ID: 1195974

20. You love your kids, but still, you get more and more depressed at the end of winter break each year.

ID: 1191235

21. You’ve started to wish finding a sub was this easy.

ID: 1191368

22. You’re so far into your subject that it’s warped your sense of humor.

ID: 1191382

23. …so you think things like this are hilarious.

ID: 1191392

24. Grading papers like this now just makes you laugh instead of cringe.

ID: 1191493

25. You can deflect students’ tangents and random questions with aplomb.

ID: 1191526

26. You’ve got your September shopping routine down pat.

ID: 1191537

27. This is one of your most commonly used phrases.

ID: 1193758

28. The idea of handing out these doesn’t seem so crazy to you.

ID: 1195307

29. Your entire body immediately relaxes when the bell rings.

ID: 1193944

30. You’ve taken it upon yourself to try out new teaching methods on students.

ID: 1196193

31. But ultimately, even when you feel like quitting, one little note like this can remind you why you truly love doing what you do.

ID: 1196086

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