27 Reasons San Diego Just Might Be Heaven On Earth

If you’re not already from here, you’re going to want to move here.

1. First things first, It’s 69 degrees in THE MIDDLE OF JULY. 0% humidity does exist.

2. So many places are both beautiful AND free to hang out at: Seaport Village…


3. Balboa Park


5. Old Town

Why yes I would like to ride a FREE TROLLEY all around the city.

6. … And of course there’s always THE BEACH.

Tim Buss / Via Flickr: timbuss

7. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching surfer boys…

8. … and girls do their thing.

9. And if you get bored of surfers, you can always go visit the adorable La Jolla seals.

10. Seriously there are so many free, beach-related activities. Like walking along the Oceanside Pier.

11. Biking Mission Bay.

12. Or just watching the sunset and building a bonfire.

13. In San Diego, hot air ballooning is a thing.

14. As is kayaking the local caverns.

15. Hanging out with the freaking BLUE ANGELS.

16. Or watching the yearly bloom of the Carlsbad Flower Field.

17. You can spend a day with KILLER WHALES at Sea World.

18. Watch adorable PANDAS for hours at the World Famous San Diego Zoo.


19. Tour the USS Midway.

20. Marvel at the amazing creations at Legoland.


21. Or the characters at COMIC-CON.

22. If you get hungry, there’s Mexican food for days on end.

23. In-N-Out all the time.

24. And for desert, Julian pies.

25. Most importantly everyone’s really happy…

Via The CW

26. …because it’s pretty much summer all year long.

27. And really there’s just no debating— it’s the “classiest” place around.

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