21 Things Every Traveler Wishes They Owned

I just want a comfy pair of sweatpants I can wear on a plane.

1. A gold foil scratch map to mark all their adventures ($20).

Made by Luckies, available here.

ID: 2328004

2. A chalk map works too ($60).


Made by Dirtsastudio, available here.

ID: 2328259

3. Travel-themed shadow box for all of their loose tickets ($30).


Made by HipLittleSquares, available here.

ID: 2328023

4. Or, alternatively, a travel stub diary ($15).

Made by Chronicle Books, available here.

ID: 2328072

5. Personalized leather passport wallet ($35+).

Made by Popov Leather, available here.

ID: 2328047

6. A really sweet made-for-travel journal ($18).


Made by Poketo, available here.

ID: 2328102

7. Printed Instagram books for all their travel memories ($12–$25).

Idea: Make them a mini-book of all their friends and family, so they always feel close to home when they’re traveling.

Made by Prinstagram, available here.

ID: 2328175

8. Brass compass in case their smartphone stops working ($39).

Made by Victoria Camp, available here.

ID: 2328193

9. Personalized state necklace to remind them of home ($34+).


Made by the Folk, available here.

ID: 2328227

10. Scarf with hidden pocket for valuables and contraband ($37+).


Made by Speakeasy Supply Co, available here.

ID: 2328328

11. Airport code-inspired pillows ($19).


Made by Airport Tag, available here.

ID: 2328382

12. Creative luggage tag to keep thieves away from your stuff ($10).


Made by Ebony Paws and Destination Handmade, available here and here.

ID: 2333541

13. Hooded travel pillow to block out the world/plane ($25).

Nasty Gal

Made by Travel Hoodie Pillow and Nasty Gal, available here and here.

ID: 2331744

14. Travel toothbrush sanitizer to avoid the yuck ($29).

VIOlight / Via

Made by VIOlight, available here.

ID: 2333585

15. A 4-in-1 lens enhancement to bypass a fancy DSLR ($69).

Made by Ollioclip, available here.

ID: 2331843

16. Multi-outlet surge protector with USB chargers ($29).

Made by Belkin, available here.

ID: 2331894

17. A wearable iPhone charger bracelet ($70).

Made by Kyte & Key, available here.

ID: 2332597

18. A very necessary, travel-size flask ($13).

Made by Stanley, available here.

ID: 2332407

19. Or even better, disposable flasks ($9).

Made by Disposable Flasks, available here.

ID: 2332552

20. A socially acceptable pair of sweatpants to travel in ($20–$50, but actually priceless).


Made by Urban Outfitters, available here.

ID: 2332111

21. And of course, a ticket to anywhere — a whole lot of money, but let’s pretend it’s free.

Made by airplanes, available here and here.

ID: 2333617

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