19 Reasons You Were Cooler Than Everyone Else In High School

We were so hardXcore.

1. Your life revolved around making it into as many people’s “Top 8” as possible.

RIP Myspace

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2. You saw your outfits as an expression of your teenage angst.

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3. You went running to Hot Topic any time you had an extra $10.

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4. You scribbled the anarchy symbol on all of your school supplies.

Ashley Perez
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5. You had a skateboard.

Though I’m betting you never actually rode it.

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6. And all you wanted was your very own sk8er boi.

Thanks, Avril.

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7. You counted down the days to Warped Tour.

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8. These were some of your favorite bands.

Ashley Perez

Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, Green Day

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9. You owned this shirt, even though you had no idea what it meant.

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10. You wanted blue hair so badly.

But since your parents wouldn’t let you, you settled for some clip-in streaks.

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11. All of your accessories were heavily studded.

“Sk8er Boi” / Via
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12. You routinely wore a tie.

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13. You owned a chain wallet.

And routinely Sharpied-on hardcore knuckle tats.

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14. You definitely owned a pair (or three) of checkered Vans slip-ons.

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15. You wrote all over your Converse.

Deep meaningful song lyrics, “FUHGAWZ,” or, like, your best friend’s name. Whatever.

ID: 1084359

16. You rocked anything with a skull or bones on it.

Because owning skulls meant you thought about death, and that was deep.

ID: 1084478

17. You pierced your nose to show everyone how fearless you were.

Though thankfully your parents refused to let you pierce your eyebrow or lip.

ID: 1084313

18. You begged your mom to let you gauge your ears.

ID: 1084377

19. Finally, you couldn’t wait to turn 18 so you could get that really meaningful nautical star tattoo.

Shannon Archuleta / Via Flickr: shannonarchuleta
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Or if stars weren’t your thing, swallows on your hip.

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