19 Gorgeous Retro Travel Posters To Fantasy Destinations

If Comic-Con had an official travel agency…

1. If reality has been hard to handle lately why not get away to a fantasy destination of your choosing. Like Skull Island.

Beware the giant gorillas.

ID: 1545994

2. The safe and peaceful Overlook Hotel.

Great for relaxing getaways.

ID: 1546000

3. Or maybe you’re a city dweller. In which case there’s no city like Metropolis.

Justin Van Genderen / Via blastr.com

Pick up a copy of The Daily Planet for tips and tricks while you’re there.

ID: 1546016

4. Well no city, except Gotham.

Justin Van Genderen / Via blastr.com

Keep your purse close, and your bat signal closer.

ID: 1546018

5. If Earth seems a little close to home, try Pandora.

Avatar strongly recommended.

ID: 1546001

6. For the discerning traveler check out the palatial Minas Tirith.

Can be hard to reach sans horseback.

ID: 1546002

7. If you’re hoping for an out of this galaxy experience, try Tatooine.

Justin Van Gendersen / Via collider.com

Prepare your dust masks.

ID: 1546008

8. Deserts not your things? No worries, there’s always Endor.

Justin Van Gendersen / Via collider.com

A perfect family spot amongst the friendly Ewok.

ID: 1546041

9. Personally we’re fans of Winterfell; the Starks are lovely hosts.

Weather warning: winter is coming.

ID: 1546033

10. However if winter isn’t really your thing, relax by the beach at Kings Landing.

Note: the hosts aren’t so kind in Kings Landing.

ID: 1546036

11. Sports fan? Be sure to check out the Quidditch World Cup.

Caroline Hadilaksono

Portkeys not included.

ID: 1546045

12. Or spend a night at the historical Hogwarts.

Caroline Hadilaksono

We recommend the Ravenclaw dormitories.

ID: 1546047

13. Got a closet? Great, you’re one step closer to the one and only Narnia.

State department warning: potential war zone.

ID: 1546053

14. Dying to take a “trip”? Head to Wonderland.

BuzzFeed does not condone the use of acid.

ID: 1546056

15. Sick of Kansas? Then you know where it’s at. Oz is just a tornado away.

Please be careful where you park your house.

ID: 1546057

16. There is no place more exclusive than Atlantis.

That is if you can find it.

ID: 1546060

17. Feeling powerful? Head to Midgar.

Just steer clear of the slums.

ID: 1546062

18. Tired of being an adult? Who needs Club Med, when there’s Neverland.

You know the drill, second star to the right.

ID: 1546100

19. And for those of you feeling nostalgic, head to the Hundred Acre Wood for a little R & R.

Stuffed animals not included.

ID: 1546103

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