16 Things You Could Buy For $13,000

Have $13,000 lying around? Neither do we, but let’s pretend together.

According to Travel + Leisure, Singapore Airlines has remained the No. 1 customer-rated airline for 17 years in a row.

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Known for its excellent service and extreme luxury, Singapore Airlines has outdone itself with its new Suite Class, “a class above first.”

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As if we really needed something above first class.

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And now FOR ONLY $13,044.09, you too can fly Suite Class from San Francisco to Hong Kong without a care in the world.

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Tired from carrying around so much money? Take a nap in your comfy bed, complete with Givenchy PJs, Givenchy sheets, and, of course, a personal turn-down service.

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Hate people? No worries, you’ll have your own private room far away from everyday plebeians.

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So this is what rich looks like… Sigh.

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But just in case luxury flying isn’t your thing, here are 16 other things you could buy for around $13,000.

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1. A three-bedroom, one-bathroom house in Detroit, Michigan, @ $13,000

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2. A 2013 Chevrolet Spark @ $12,170

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3. A Tiffany & Co.’s “Tiffany Setting” one-carat engagement ring @ $11,000

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4. Two brand-new wells via Charity Water bringing fresh water to over 300 people @ an average of $7,500 per well

ID: 1587462

5. 12 days at the St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora @ $1,504 per night

ID: 1587343

6. 13 rooms worth of Ikea furniture @ $915.97 per room

Good luck with all that assembly.

ID: 1580159

7. 18 Specialized Langster Street Bikes (2014) @ $700 each

ID: 1588502

8. 20 tickets on a five-day Disney Cruise to the Western Caribbean @ $625 per person

ID: 1588579

9. 39 iPad minis (16GB) @ $329 each

ID: 1587219

10. 69 sets of sweet luggage @ $189 per set


AKA 207 pieces of roller heaven.

ID: 1588561

11. 96 round-trip flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Southwest @ $132 each

Essentially for the price of one ticket to Singapore, you could fly to Vegas every four days for an entire year.

ID: 1580043

12. 137* pairs of Warby Parker prescription glasses @ $95 per pair

*274 if you count the pair they give away for each pair you buy.

ID: 1587368

13. 237 pairs of Chuck Taylors @ $55 per pair

ID: 1580283

14. 3,633 gallons of gas @ a nationwide average price of $3.59 per gallon

That’s enough to make 30 trips across the United States (90,835 miles) in a car with the nationwide average of 25MPG.

ID: 1588471

15. 3,261 tall Starbucks Frappuccinos @ $4 each

ID: 1580305

16. And 135 YEARS of Netflix @ $8 per month

Hopefully they keep making Orange Is the New Black for that long.

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