16 People Who Are Three Years Early For 2016

And you thought it was hard waiting for Game of Thrones to come back on…

5. This person who is already drinking from Hillary’s head.

P.S. In case you wanted one of these sweet mugs— they’re already SOLD OUT.

6. This person whose dinnerware is surprisingly political.

7. This guy who had that sign made a few years ago.

8. Every t-shirt maker in the country.

10. This lady whose phone case looks familiar.

12. This guy who has dubbed Hillary “The Beyoncé of politics.”

BOLD statement.

13. This person who is testing out which hashtag they’ll use in 2016.

14. This person whose shirt may actually cause nightmares.

15. These graphic designers who are dying to use their skills to elect the first lady POTUS.


16. And of course Meryl, who just wants the best for her bestie.

Kevin Wolf / AP

Good thing Election Day is so close…

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