17 Awkward Moments We Desperately Try To Avoid While Shopping

“Excuse me, do you have this in another size?”

1. Asking someone who is not a salesperson for help.

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2. Setting off the alarm even though you didn’t actually steal anything.

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3. Realizing you’re the only person in the entire store, and knowing the salespeople are circling you like sharks.

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4. Accidentally tearing off a tag while trying on clothes.

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5. Having the saleswoman ask you if you need a “larger” size?

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6. Getting judged by the salespeople for clearly not being able to afford anything in the store.

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Because frankly it’s just:

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7. Knocking over all the fancy displays at the store.

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8. Having the salesperson tell you you look great in something when you know you look terrible.

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9. Hearing the dreaded ripping and popping of whatever you’re trying on.

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10. Having the security guard think you stole something you walked in with because the store happens to sell it too.

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11. Getting caught being greedy at the sample counter.

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12. Running your credit card only to find it’s been DECLINED.

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13. Walking into Victoria’s Secret and being asked repeatedly if you want a “bra fitting.”

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14. Having your bags break on your way out of the store.

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15. Only realizing you forgot your wallet after they’ve rung up all your stuff.

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16. And finally, impulse buying everything on the shelves by the cash register…

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… and then immediately regretting everything afterward.

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