Pinterest Accidentally Built A Better Search Engine Than Google

Nine out of ten times, Pinterest search actually beats Google image search. Pinspiring. posted on

Pinterest was built for discovery but with its recent acquisition of Punchfork and real upgrades to the search feature, the user experience has vastly improved. While Pinterest search results can be broad and a little all over the place, it can actually be more useful than Google’s bread-and-butter product.

Google, you are SO obvious.

2. 1. Pinterest search for STRIPES: clothes, art, design

3. Google search for STRIPES: stripes

4. 2. Pinterest search for RUFFLES: dresses, skirts, cakes, ruffles!

5. Google search for RUFFLES: chips

6. 3. Pinterest search for BLUE: a kitchen, sunset, candles, a church, paint, ~ambience~

7. Google search for BLUE: the color

8. 4. Pinterest search for CHEVRON: table runners, clothes, handbags, art, design


9. Google search for CHEVRON: hello OIL

10. 5. Pinterest search for ANGRY: cute and irritated animals plus one kid in timeout

11. Google search for ANGRY: crappy stock images

12. 6. Pinterest search for COOKIES: Oreos, a candle, chocolate-dipped, fancy, packaged

13. Google search for COOKIES: chocolate chip BORING

14. 7. Pinterest search for EGGS: bird eggs, painted, pink, hard boiled, eggs on tomatoes, eggs on toast

15. Google search for EGGS: stuff from a chicken’s butt

16. 8. Pinterest search for CALIFORNIA: lofts, water, bridges, filters, camp sites, bridges, sunshine

17. Google search for CALIFORNIA: maps


18. 9. Pinterest search for IPHONE: cookies, covers, stars, stripes, skulls, iphones

19. Google search for IPHONE: iphones

20. 10. Pinterest search for LOVE: nothing?

21. Google search for LOVE: better than Pinterest

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