10 Reasons Why You Can’t Handle Owning A Cat

Perhaps you hate dogs. Perhaps you’ve seen the Grumpy Cat meme and felt like you were looking into a mirror. You may think you can handle a cat, but here are ten reasons why you should start shopping for turtles.

1. Respect for privacy isn’t an option. It’s the only option

2. If you believe cleanliness is close to Godliness, find a pet that believes in God

3. Catnip withdrawal isn’t pretty.

4. He may use the toilet, but just like your husband, that lid is staying up.

5. Playing may also end in death

6. Naptime is anywhere you want to sit.

7. ANYWHERE you want to sit.

8. Self-control is not a word understood by felines.

9. Making kissing sounds will only garner you this reaction:

10. Oh. And this.

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