• 1. Carrie

    File this under: Nightmare. Carrie White is the telepathic introvert who went on a murderous rampage after being doused in pigs blood during her prom.

  • 2. Mean Girls

    [Note: The only version I could find of this scene on Youtube was the Spanish version. LULZ.] In the climactic prom scene, she gives a speech saying that everyone should be a prom king or prom queen in their hearts! Awww.

  • 3. Saved!

    The mean girl gets what she deserves (and drives into the Jesus statue)!

  • 4. Never Been Kissed

    Josie Gellar reveals her true identity with an emotional speech about growing up.

  • 5. Pretty In Pink

    Molly Ringwald plays Andie, a poor girl who gets asked out by Blane, a rich guy at school. Blane then asks Andie to the prom. She accepts, but their friends try to tear them apart. Blane stops talking to Andie. She ends up going to prom alone, and Blane sees what a mistake it was to let her go. He confesses his love and then leaves the prom. Andie runs after him and they make up in the parking lot with a kiss in the misty night.

  • 6. Footloose

    Yes! We *can* dance at prom!