12 Craziest Things Pokémon Trainers Will Say Before Battle

Who wrote this game?!?! Glorious, glorious broken English.

You remember how this works… First, you get spotted by a trainer:

Then they say an opening line, such as:

Sure, why not, seems relevant enough.

And then the battle begins

….but sometimes those opening lines were pure nonsense:

Complete! Sentences? Irrelevant!

I love it when strangers call me pet names.

Good to know?

It’s the “Hi kid” part that makes this seem predatory

Good for you?

Oh boy.

How dare you use “pokemon” as a verb as if that’s a thing people do!


Girl, chill.

Why is that worth noting?!


Thank you for sharing your horrifically sad relationship problems with the eight year old children playing this game.

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