21 Unspoken Rules For Working In An Office

You probably shouldn’t do these things ever, tbh.

1. Eat food from the kitchen that does not belong to you.

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2. Leave all your personal dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

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3. Reply-all to emails that do not require you to reply all.

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4. Reply-all to an email when the sender specifically said “no need to reply all.”

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5. Heat up fish in the microwave.

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6. Eat eggs at your desk.

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7. Show up to work sick and risk getting everyone else sick.

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8. Ignore important emails that require your response.

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9. Take the bathroom stall next to an occupied one when there are several other open stalls.

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10. Not flush the toilet.

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11. CC people on an email that they absolutely do not need to be on.

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12. Reach out to IT in a panic about your “broken” computer before trying to restart it first.

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13. Schedule a meeting but have nothing to really talk about.

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14. Play your music out loud.

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15. Hover over someone’s desk while they are having a conversation with someone else.

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16. Start a Gchat and then not respond when the other person pings you.

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17. Type really loudly.

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18. Take your shoes off.

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19. Take things off your co-workers’ desks without asking.

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20. Shriek at the top of your lungs about NOTHING.

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21. Take the last cup of coffee.

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