21 Unspoken Rules For Working In An Office

You probably shouldn’t do these things ever, tbh.

1. Eat food from the kitchen that does not belong to you.

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2. Leave all your personal dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

3. Reply-all to emails that do not require you to reply all.

4. Reply-all to an email when the sender specifically said “no need to reply all.”


5. Heat up fish in the microwave.

6. Eat eggs at your desk.

7. Show up to work sick and risk getting everyone else sick.

20th Century Fox / ignitetheliight.tumblr.com

8. Ignore important emails that require your response.


9. Take the bathroom stall next to an occupied one when there are several other open stalls.

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10. Not flush the toilet.

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11. CC people on an email that they absolutely do not need to be on.

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12. Reach out to IT in a panic about your “broken” computer before trying to restart it first.

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13. Schedule a meeting but have nothing to really talk about.

Netflix / vulture.com

14. Play your music out loud.

15. Hover over someone’s desk while they are having a conversation with someone else.

16. Start a Gchat and then not respond when the other person pings you.

17. Type really loudly.

Lionsgate / wifflegif.com

19. Take things off your co-workers’ desks without asking.

New Line Cinema / giphy.com

20. Shriek at the top of your lungs about NOTHING.

21. Take the last cup of coffee.

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