24 Times The Cast Of "The Hunger Games" Broke Character

A look behind the scenes.

1. When Gary Ross casually hung out with Katniss and Peeta.

ID: 1461956

2. That time Katniss fed Rue a grape.

ID: 1462074

3. And then she fed herself a cracker.

ID: 1461957

4. When Thresh gave Clove tickets to the gun show.

ID: 1461965

5. That day all the tributes were doing some weird slow-mo thing.

ID: 1461971

6. And when Marvel curled up in his seat like a lovestruck boy.

ID: 1461977

7. When Katniss made a move on Clove.

ID: 1462078

8. That time Caesar Flickerman and Cato shared a laugh.

ID: 1462084

9. And when Marvel and Clove shared a hug.

ID: 1461973

10. When Rue threw up a peace sign, Doritos in hand.

ID: 1461976

11. When Katniss gave Gary a super creepy look.

ID: 1462051

12. That time Glimmer showed off her killer makeup.

ID: 1462055

13. When the tributes posed for the camera in their parade costumes.

ID: 1461979

14. When Katniss gave Peeta a super cute hug.

ID: 1461984

15. And then smiled while he suffered a sword gash in his leg.

ID: 1462114

16. When Thresh broke it down.

ID: 1462096

17. And Glimmer.

ID: 1462089

18. And Marvel.

ID: 1462012

19. That time Katniss did this hybrid-cartwheel maneuver.

ID: 1462063

20. And when she got this knife taken away from her for playing with the props.

ID: 1461986

21. When Foxface and Clove bonded at the arena.

ID: 1461997

22. When Katniss tickled Rue.

ID: 1462038

23. When the tributes held the District 3 girl tribute with all smiles.

ID: 1462121

24. And when Katniss made this face.

ID: 1462105

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