This Guy Built The Most Amazing Iron Man Suit You Will Ever See

Pretty awesome for a cosplay newbie.

1. Meet C. Rob, the man behind the incredible costume you are about to see.

ID: 1251091

2. The Iron Man suit was made out of pepakura, which involved a lot of card stock and patience.

ID: 1251085

3. It took roughly 11 months to build and and takes about 20 minutes for him to suit up.

ID: 1251082

4. His goal was to build it for Halloween, and the time of completion required an estimated 2,000 hours.

ID: 1251081

5. But oh man, it was WORTH IT.

ID: 1251095

6. That is a thing of beauty.

ID: 1251118

7. After Halloween, he used his costume to bring joy to kids at birthday parties.

ID: 1251096

8. And visits children’s hospitals to make new friends.

ID: 1251136

9. Here he is, shopping at the mall.

ID: 1251088

10. Posing with adorable fans.

ID: 1251087

11. Looking spiffy in a tie.

ID: 1251089

12. He even bought something nice for his real-life Pepper Potts.

ID: 1251090

13. Who helps him put the suit on.

ID: 1251117

14. And here he is at the Iron Man 3 premiere, making some kid’s life.

ID: 1251093

15. You’re our hero, C. Rob!

ID: 1251092

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