17 Things You Took For Granted In College

Have they invented a time machine yet? Because I would like to go back.

1. Being able to take a nap during the day, any day, just because you felt like it.

After college: Spend your free time on the weekends taking multiple naps because you can’t relax for another five days.

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2. Making your own schedule, which allowed you to take off Fridays or start classes at noon.

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After college: Work from 9 a.m.–5 p.m., attempt to go the gym after work, realize it’s too busy to even claim a machine, say “fuck it,” and watch Netflix at home until you fall asleep.

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3. Getting free (or at least cheap) student section tickets to football games.


After college: Pray you can find an alumni bar and then cry when you realize you will never be a student again.

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4. Living so close to your friends.

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After college: “We should definitely Skype soon!”

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5. Having the tolerance to handle several nights out drinking.

After college: I brunched too hard and even though it’s only 3 p.m. on Sunday, I will probably call in sick tomorrow from being too hungover.

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6. Getting a THREE-MONTH summer vacation.

After college: Vacation? LOL you mean that week where I take “off” from work and then check my email incessantly?

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7. Being able to wear whatever you want to campus/class.

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After college: Actually have to look like a professional for work.

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8. Getting student discounts.

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9. Having the option to live abroad for a few months at a decent price.

After college: MAYBE I’ll travel in a few years when I have more vacation days. And money.

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10. A town filled with college drink specials.

After college: Unintentionally spend half of your paycheck on alcohol.

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11. Having endless opportunities to meet new people.

After college: New friends consist of coworkers and friends of friends.

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12. Having endless opportunities to date/hook up with new people.

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After college: * Swipe left on Tinder *

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13. Eating whatever you want with little to no consequences.

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After college: Crap, I should eat a salad so my doctor doesn’t scorn me.

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14. Not having to worry about filing taxes or a 401(k).

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After college: I still don’t understand how a 401(k) works. * calls parents for help *

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15. Spring break.

After college: Liking everyone’s beach pictures on Instagram.

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16. Having the ability to pull an all-nighter.

After college: NOPE.

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17. Having an idea of what you want to do after college.

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After college: Fuck.

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