21 Things That Seem Like A Good Idea When You’re Drunk

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

1. Getting a tattoo you wouldn’t normally appreciate.

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2. Blowing up a hot air balloon inside your house.

ID: 1284931

3. Running across incoming traffic.

ID: 1286950

4. Mac n’ cheese tacos.

Actually, this is a great idea. Bravo, sir.

ID: 1285056

5. Letting your friend style your hair.

ID: 1285081

6. Catching some waves at the beach.

ID: 1286021

7. Installing a security system for your car.

ID: 1285099

8. Late night online shopping.

ID: 1285131

9. Pizza and cookies.

ID: 1285134

10. Pretending you live in a world where Pokemon exist.

ID: 1285225

11. Hooking up with a random stranger.

Until you do that walk of shame the next morning.

ID: 1287135

12. Shoving things in your mouth.

ID: 1285564

13. Kicking down the door like they do in movies.

ID: 1285602

14. Dancing on a pole.

ID: 1285643

15. Texting your ex.

ID: 1286253

16. Karaoke.

ID: 1286132

17. Hanging out with your boss.

ID: 1286482

18. Facebooking your feels.

ID: 1286493

19. Tipping a little too generously.

ID: 1286609

20. Kicking and screaming on a flight.

Until the entire plane rallies against you and ties you up to your seat.

ID: 1287077

21. Falling asleep at a house party.

People can’t resist pranking a drunk person.

ID: 1287118

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