35 Things Every Cheerleader Will Understand

Make your motions tighter, ladies and gents!

1. Your drawers were fully stocked with Soffe shorts.

Probably still is.

ID: 1224746

2. And countless practice shirts.

ID: 1227854

3. This is you every time someone says cheerleading isn’t a sport.

ID: 1224482

4. You did stunts anywhere you could, like at the pool.

ID: 1224568

5. Or the beach.

ID: 1224513

6. And even the grocery store.

ID: 1224489

7. You spent more time perfecting your toe-touches than practicing cheers.

ID: 1225484

8. And you know this sequence is way harder than it looks.

ID: 1224485

9. You most likely owned a pair of Asics.

ID: 1224526

10. Or shoes with switchable color paletts.

ID: 1224871

11. You probably spent a good amount of money on these products.

ID: 1227639

12. You own several bows in different colors.

ID: 1224533

14. And threw in the occasional wink.

ID: 1225637

15. Every time someone mocks you with “rah rah siss boom bah” you want to drop-kick them since no cheerleader ever says this. Ever.

ID: 1224732

16. You know every line to this movie.

ID: 1224935

17. And probably watched the awful sequels just so you could judge the routines.

ID: 1224954

18. You stopped everything you were doing to watch competitions on TV.

ID: 1225956

19. You bragged about famous cheerleaders because you were so proud to share this connection.

Max Butterworth/Nate Jones/PacificCoastNews.com; Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library; Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library
ID: 1224888

20. Your hair probably looked like this at games or competitions.

ID: 1225012

21. And when your mom wasn’t around to help do your curls, your teammates stepped in.

ID: 1225029

22. You’ve experienced or witnessed a lot of injuries in your life.

Don Seabrook / Via m.wenatcheeworld.com

And probably still showed up to practice.

ID: 1227799

23. People assumed you did cheerleading for the popularity, but you actually just loved the sport.

Let’s be honest, it was more about stunting and competitions than cheering at games.

ID: 1228334

24. You always started a routine saying “5-6-7-8.”

ID: 1225054

25. You practiced these moves, even if you weren’t a flyer.

Heel strech




ID: 1225264

Bow and arrow




ID: 1225332

26. Cheer camp was both stressful and awesome.

You felt like you might die a few times, but it was worth it.

ID: 1227701

27. Despite what your friends thought, you never did this move.

ID: 1225655

28. Your first basket toss was probably a little terrifying.

ID: 1225793

29. And let’s not even talk about your first kick full.

Flyer: “Will they catch me?”
Bases: “Will we catch her?”
Back spot: “This is totally going to give me a nose bleed.”

ID: 1225669

30. Your parent’s car definitely looked like this at every competition.

ID: 1225782

31. This drives you absolutely insane.

ID: 1227372

32. There are several pictures like this in your house.

ID: 1227741

33. Your favorite part of practice was learning new, advanced stunts.

ID: 1225934

34. And you hoped to achieve a double or triple full one day.

ID: 1227261

35. And no matter how long your practices were, how bad you injured your ankle, or how tiring learning a new routine was, you loved every minute of it.

ID: 1224849

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