The Woes Of Wearing Glasses

It’s 2013. Get it together, eyewear.

1. Going to a 3D movie is the worst because you have to wear glasses over your glasses.


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2. And when it’s sunny out and you are in desperate need of shades, you have to do the same thing.

Unless you buy prescription sunglasses.

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3. Your glasses just fog up. All the time.

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4. Like when you drink coffee or tea.

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5. Or when you eat soup.

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6. And even when you cook.

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7. Kissing can be super awkward.

Should you take them off? Leave them on?

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8. And nothing is more irritating than getting your glasses caught in your hair.


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9. When you lose your glasses, you can’t find them because you CAN’T SEE WITHOUT YOUR GLASSES.


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10. But your friends assume this is your definition of “I can’t see.”

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11. Going out in the rain just ruins your day.

All you want to do is see and Mother Nature stands in your way.

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12. And even after you clean your specs, they’re dirty and smudged within five minutes.

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13. This is an everyday occurrence.

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14. After a while, all you want to do is take your glasses off.

So many headaches.

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15. Going to the pool is a complete waste of time.

You can’t see and it’s basically impossible to clean. Also, tan lines.

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16. Speaking of water, showering blind is terrible.

Is that shampoo or conditioner? WISH YOU COULD READ THE LABEL.

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17. And taking pictures comes with a guaranteed glare.

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18. Wearing headphones crushes your frames into your skull.


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19. And you spend way too much time readjusting.

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20. Once you take your glasses off at night, that’s it.

Such a tough choice to decide if you’re done watching TV.

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21. Or you fall asleep with your glasses on and risk ruining them.

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22. And worst of all, stepping on your glasses is like losing a lifeline.


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